Recruiting with a System

The technology platform and skills training to reach your recruiting goals.

This program is available via invitation only. Please register for the Introduction to apply.

Recruiting is a challenge for all brokerage owners and successful, consistent recruiting efforts are essential to a well run brokerage. We all can recruit a handful of agents a year with our current inconsistent methods, but to recruit effectively and consistently, the right technology and recruiting system are essential.

With this system you'll have the technology and process to consistently recruit 40+ agents a years.

There are two main components, a complete training program and a custom CRM recruiting platform.

This CRM will completely change how you recruit, it will make everything easy to track and even automatically calculate production and profitability of potential recruits. The training program will help you develop a robust value proposition, transparent fee structures, and recruiting system to consistently recruit the right types of agents to you brokerage.

The program provides you with one action item per week and one deliverable per week. Each week you'll participate in a training with a specific item to develop that will be a building block in your recruiting system. The program is designed to be completed in one 90 minute session per week. If you can dedicate 90 minutes per week to working on your business, you can develop a comprehensive recruiting system.

Check out the topics below and the introduction to the Recruiting Program and we look forward to working together.


For those that love the feature list, here is some of the details of what's included.

As part of the program, you'll receive and develop:

  1. Use of the trademark "Work Hard. Be Nice." which resounds with the right recruits.
  2. A concise value proposition for each type of agent you're recruiting.
  3. Clear and profitable fee structures.
  4. All the recruiting collateral you'll need including recruiting books, website, marketing materials, class offerings, testimonials, and general marketing collateral.
  5. Targeted recruiting hit lists
  6. A complete hiring and on-boarding process.
  7. A comprehensive recruiting plan and system from initial call, follow-ups, and joins.
  8. A plan and system to leverage recruiting by hiring a full-time recruiter

The custom CRM platform will allow you to:

  1. Easily track prospects and your current agents.
  2. Track recruit and current agent production.
  3. Track and customize training and office participation among current agents.
  4. Calculate production and profitability of recruits and current agents.
  5. Automate and Integrate Facebook and web campaign recruiting
  6. Create easy reporting for accountability of yourself and others recruiting.
  7. Track your conversion rate to seek areas of improvement.
  8. Automate follow-ups and mailing lists

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
This program is available via invitation only. For more information and to start the the application process, please sign up for the Introduction.
Why is this program via invitation only?
This program requires the right mindset and goals to be successful. Anyone can sell a coaching or technology platform, but for most brokerage owners just buying a platform or CRM won't work. Our approach is comprehensive and requires significant investment in our clients. Our compensation model is also tied to your success, so we only work with owners we believe can build strong offices.
How is the CRM customized?
You'll work with your success manager to determine the features that will be most helpful to achieve your goals. Our team will customize the software to your office and your team so you're only spending time recruiting, not trying to figure out new software. The CRM is customized to include production data, growth projections, and revenue calculations based on your agents and fee structures to give you a clear view of each prospect at all times.
How is technology training handled?
You'll receive dedicated one-on-one training for the CRM and recruiting process. During the on-boarding process you'll have a personalized demonstration and we'll help you during your first few calls and recruits. We also have an extensive knowledge center with CRM specific training videos and your success manager is always available to help out.
How much does it cost?
If you're successful, this program will cost less than the profit of 1 agent per year. We always look at the ROI of money invested in a business so we believe that if you can hire more than 5 agents with our platform, you'll find the investment well worthwhile.
How does the fee structure work?
The program is $250 a month and 1% of GCI of agents you recruit for 2 years. Our compensation is tied to your success. On average, for the owner that recruits more than 10 agents per year (and increased their revenue $250,000) the cost will be $15,500. If you look at it from the return on investment perspective, you'll invest $15,500 to make $250,000. That's over a 16x ROI.

Check out the Introduction or contact us for more information.

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This course is via invitation only. Please contact us to apply.