Marketing for Agents

Implementation of marketing services for your brokers with revenue offsetting your costs.

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Marketing is essential for successful real estate agents and yet one of the areas agents struggle the most. With so many options and everyone trying to grab the marketing dollars of agents, many agents end up wasting their money or being frozen with indecision from all the choices.

A comprehensive marketing program is one of the more valuable components your brokerage can bring to an agent's business. Helping them filter through all the noise and create simple, easy to follow marketing plans will bring agents and your office tremendous value. Having turn-key marketing solutions for your agents will generate revenue to pay for your marketing department and also give your agents the simple solutions to have hands off marketing.

In this program we'll help you launch your own marketing team and programs utilizing our model, complete with templates, revenue producing programs, and marketing collateral. You'll be able to develop a comprehensive marketing program and team for your agents and with the profit margins available, the entire team will be revenue neutral or even a profit center.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the materials customizable?
Yes, we'll provide you with templated materials and the scope of collateral you should have available to your agents and help you customize it for your own needs.
How will I implement these programs?
We'll help you identify the strategy and roll-out process to utilize current staffing and generate revenue. Following our model, you can utilize current staff until you are generating enough revenue to cover the salary of a dedicated marketing coach.
How much of my marketing team expense can I expect to offset with this program?
Depending on agent count and participation rates, you should anticipate offsetting 80%+ of your total marketing team with these offerings. If you have more than 100 agents and maintain our recommended margins, you should expect to offset more than 100% of your marketing team costs.

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This course is via invitation only. Please contact us to apply.